Saturday, 18 November 2017

Xamarin.Forms Custom Entry With Image and Password

Hello Xamarin Friends,
Today, I am going to create a custom ImageEntry. Whenever we are creating a login page, we can not understand which control we have to use for the username and password. I am creating a custom control today to solve this problem. We don't need to write more code with its use and page design will also looks good.
So let's start.

Firstly we create a ContentView and set the image and entry. 
then we are using the  BindableProperty to create this custom control.
Please make sure to add view reference.....

I have not yet told about the Borderless entry and CustomImage in this blog that I will tell in the next post.

All this  my original code.

Features of Image Entry controls:-
  1. Accent Color = ( AccentColor="BlueViolet")
  2. Text Property = (Text="Xamarin Skills")
  3. Keyboard Property = (Keyboard="Default")
  4. Placeholder Property = (Placeholder="Xamarin Skills")
  5. IsPassword Property = (IsPassword="False")
  6. Left ImageSource Property = (LImageSource="email")
  7. Right ImageSource Property = (RImageSource="eyeshow")
  8. ImageEntry RightImage = Clicked Property(RightImageClicked="ImageEntry_RightImageClicked")
  9. ImageEntry LeftImage Clicked Property = (LeftImageClicked="ImageEntry_LeftImageClicked")
  10. ImageAlignment Property = (ImageAlignment="Password")

You want to full source code Click Here
If you want to watch this video Click Here

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